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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful island called GALAXIAZ. The island was very sunny and warm. Its people were happy, they had everything they needed, to enjoy their life. We wouldn’t’ describe the island as rich, but the citizens were contempt.

Then one day a scuba diver discovered, a huge treasure in the sea. They were all excited, celebrating the fact that they were going to be rich. Unfortunately, being a small island, they didn’t have the necessary resources and knowledge to utilize that treasure. So, they requested help from other countries who had the know-how and the necessary funds.

No, I am not writing about a fairy tale. I am writing about the truth.  The truth of how big brother is controlling our global financial system. Have you ever heard about those who destroy economies of countries? Well, it is not a science fiction or a movie by  Spielberg. One day someone in a country usually coming from the big forces, decides that, that small island among others small countries needs to change strategy and earn less money. Why? Just like that. Because they decided, that they want bigger share of the pie.

If you are in finance, you must be aware that every 5-8 years there is always a crisis somewhere which definitely impacts the whole world economy in the long run. We are connected, right? If there is a war in Qatar or Saudi then oil prices get crazy, stock markets are insane and prices in any country goes up. Just to clarify, this “turbulences” changes actually, is a necessity for the global economy. I would dare to describe it as “correction of the market”.

Do you think that things happen by accident or based on a bad decision? Well, maybe there are cases where a bad decision is the reason but based on my belief it is not because of coincidence.

Economy is controlled. I am sure that I haven’t surprised you right?  Do you remember Lehman  Brothers, Enron? and the story goes on…. Well, were those scandals an accident? They were planned years before.

I felt the need to remind you all, as reminding this to myself.  Countries need to have contingency plans for when the “big brother” decides to intervene.

We shall not leave the fate of our people on others to decide. I do admit that yes, we need to follow the trends and adjust our strategy, that’s politics right? I love politics and strategy. That’s why we need to be prepared. Usually I have Plan A, B and C, which are not necessarily linked actually is advised not to be linked. I like chess and admire the good players. It’s all about strategy and our ease to adapt. Nothing happens by accident, everything -or better say- most of the things happening globally are planned years ago.

Can we control them? Well, no unless you are multi billionaire, where in most of us that’s not the case. What I would suggest to you though, it’s to be able to adapt and not be emotional about it, set a clear strategy and be blunt in executing.

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