Have you ever had that day, where everything was going wrong? Like that song of Alanis Morissette “Ironic” or Merphy’s Law. Although, it might sound weird to you, It is all about controlling our emotions, of course we are human beings but if we don’t control our emotions.

Listen to this story, I was trying to park and was furious as I was in an argument of the phone with someone. Then the guy at the parking was yelling because I was delaying him.. from nothing actually but I guess he just wanted to get on my nerves or that’s how he knew to treat and talk.

I opened the window, and I gather all my calmness and said to him, “Please, talk with manners as I deserve because I am having very intense day and won’t be responsible for my actions if you continue. “Guys I was indeed calm, then after that he smiled apologized and said “Okay madam, when you finish I will be waiting at the exit gate”.

So, imagine now if I started screaming at him, what would have been the result? Tragic most probably hit each other, got sick and not be able to continue my work and his too. By managing our own emotions, we get more peace and the most important we get the result we want because all comes back to us.

Fueling Your Emotional Fitness Training Program
Here is a list of emotional self-care issues you may want to consider in creating your emotional fitness goals. Consider each of these areas in your life. Are you getting the emotional fuel you need to provide the energy and happiness you desire in your life?

  1. Sleep
    Getting enough sleep each night is essential to your physical and emotional well-being.
  2. Exercise
    Your body is designed to be physically active. Exercise is essential to good health.
  3. Meaningful Relationships
    You are hard-wired for love and appreciation. Healthy relationships contribute to good health.
  4. Spiritual Practice
    Research demonstrates that people who are involved in a spiritual practice do significantly better in a wide range of measures pertaining to physical and emotional well-being.
  5. Peaceful Time, Rest
    Recovery from your hectic lifestyle is necessary to be able to continue to meet the ongoing challenges of daily life. Lack of rest and recovery leads to burn-out and illness.
  6. Healthy Eating
    The food you eat has a direct impact on your energy and metabolic fitness.
  7. Meaningful Work
    Enjoying your work can enhance your health and happiness, while hating your job is a health risk factor.
  8. Activities that Bring you Joy
    Happiness comes from doing what you love.
  9. Finances
    The way you relate to money can either give you energy or drain your energy.
  10. Physical Health
    Too often you take your health for granted until you suffer an injury or illness. Your physical body requires ongoing attention and maintenance. Prevention of injury and illness is far preferable to the treatment of injury or illness.

Joining my program you will be able to manage your emotions, and here is one tip for you which helped me to overcome my divorce.

When you are having too many voices in your head and get you upset and frustrated. Then, imagine a wall in a little distance from you, and put all your thoughts in yellow or pink or whatever color you consider the most alert for the most important voices and priority. Then, stick the Red posts let’s say since I love RED for alert thoughts, then stick the green and last the yellow. By doing this process you have already started feeling calmer, and your head more “clean” then you go through your posts and start dealing with those that are indeed important. Whatever is not important don’t put them on waiting list, they still get place in our mind just THROW them away.

I was raised up in a very emotional environment and I never thought that I would be able to manage my emotions, and here I am now coaching about it!

You can achieve anything, you design your behavior and i am here to help you achieve that.